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The product Recupero does not affect sleep quality. On the contrary, a good recovery can have a positive effect on body conditions and result in a more effective sleep.  
Sleep difficulties are often linked to intense physical exercise carried out until right before bedtime. When physical and muscular efforts are very intense it is possible to use a different product (such as Recupero Extreme), which can have a positive effect in improving sleep quality.
Pre Gara Endurance and Pre Gara Dynamic have been developed to have a different energy release. 
In particular, Pre Gara Endurance contains several nutrients more specific for endurance activities and long-chain maltodextrin, which are very useful in endurance activities.
Pre Gara Dynamic, on the contrary, contains nutrients that are more useful during short-term, high intensity exercise, together with shorter-chain carbohydrates in order to provide a faster energy release. 
A daily serving of BCAAs (5 g), if taken close to meals, adds up to the protein intake provided by the meal itself and this could result in the product not being completely absorbed by the body.
Our body is not able to assimilate a high protein intake all together, therefore one should distribute protein intake from different sources over the day. This is why BCAAs should be taken between meals, preferably at night, right before bedtime in order to make the best out of the "anabolic phase" of the body. 
Protein XTR can be an excellent solution to enrich the pre-race breakfast. Proteins stabilize glycemia and offer a proper nourishment also for the muscles that will do intense exercise. Alternatively, XTR (or SPR) is a perfect choice for a protein snack after exercise. It can also be used when not training if you are starting a program to support muscles or a specific diet for sporting purposes. 
Muscle tissue is composed of about 65% of glutamine, which muscles use to produce energy and save glycogen stores when physical activity gets more and more intense. Since glutamine is part of the muscle tissue, therefore of the lean body mass, it is useful for sportspeople in order to sustain muscles and contribute to the recovery phase. 
If you want to have flat and toned abs it is necessary to reduce abdominal fat levels. Specific exercises for abs are certainly useful to burn these fat stores, but it is fundamental to do also other types of exercises to achieve a good balance between lean and fat body mass. It is very useful to train this muscle tissue regularly, doing exercises for all the abdominal muscles. Each kind of these exercises (from crunch, to lat machine, to sit ups) must be done correctly to avoid any physical issue: it is necessary, at least during the first sessions, to be trained by a skilled personal trainer.
Dietary fibers are polysaccharides that constitute vegetable cells, in particular vegetable cell walls. Even though they are not nutrients, dietary fibers are an important part of human nutrition. Among the several functions of dietary fibers, there are increased satiety, improvement of normal bowel function and of its related issues. 
B.C.A.A. (branched-chain amino acids) are the amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. B.C.A.A. have several important features: they are absorbed directly by the muscle tissue, they are able to slow down catabolism, stimulate anabolism and, in addition to this plastic function, they also have a pro-energy function. 
The consumption of solid foods after exercise should occur at the end of glycogen replenishment phase, which is usually 1 hr after exercise. Foods to be consumed should have a good carbohydrate intake (e.g. pasta, rice, bread, vegetables, fruits, sweets etc.) to support an efficient muscle glycogen restoration. In order to support muscle recovery specifically, it is also possible to use supplements developed to speed up the recovery phase.  
Mineral waters with a high mineral content a have a fixed residue of about 1.5 g/lt of mineral salts. A bottle of this kind of water can supply about 0.75 g of mineral salts in total, but mostly calcium carbonate. A good hydrosaline, hypotonic, carbohydrate supplement provides at least 2 g of mineral salts/bottle. Another advantage of such products is that they provide a selection of mineral salts (only those useful for sports activity), such as potassium, magnesium, sodium etc. together with carbohydrates, which are excellent energy sources during competitions. Even if for short-duration, moderate intensity exercise a good mineral water can be enough, for long and intense sports activities the advantages of a good hydrosaline, carbohydrate supplement are evident.

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