THE ATHLETES' PASTA: Energy, Recovery and balanced nutrients
300 gr
SportPasta is a special food designed for people doing sport: it has a high protein content, a reduced carbohydrate content and a low glycemic index. It provides muscles with energy and nourishment during sport and can be eaten on a daily basis. 
PACKAGE: 300 g 
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Suggested for people doing sport. Suitable for whole people, from children to the elderly.
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I didn't expect SportPasta to be so good, even just with some oil and parmesan cheese. I feel "light" and I know I had a complete, healthy meal. It is definitely a good solution for people who train as much as I do. 
SportPasta is a special pasta rich in protein, with a reduced protein content and a low glycemic index. It can be used also for the athletes' or active people's diet. Moreover, SportPasta is rich in fiber and FOS (fructooligosaccharides).
Bio4Sport™ is a particular spelt flour, soy protein concentrate and fructooligosaccharide mix, designed to provide a special and innovative pasta. SportPasta is produced with cereal and legumes skillfully combined to create a balanced protein mix for the nutrition needs of the body.
Spelt provides complex carbohydrates which gradually release energy, and proteins contribute to muscular mass maintenance.

This special pasta is made with top quality raw materials, it is extruded on bronze draw plates and low-temperature dried. SportPasta is produced following processes tried and tested by ancient pasta makers and can be eaten on a daily basis.

+ Protein (27%)
- Carbohydrate (-30%)
+ Fiber (with FOS)

Low GI (Glycemic Index)
Organic Spelt
Soy with traceability guaranteed (IP)

Bronze drawing
Low-temperature drying

COMPLETE AMINO ACID PROFILE of vegetal origin, obtained combining proteins from cereal and legumes.
Its high protein content contributes to muscular mass maintenance.
Slow-release carbohydrates allows for energy distributed over time.
A low GI and the presence of FOS are SportPasta’s distintive features.
Instructions for use
A SportPasta 75 gr serving represents a valid alternative to traditional pasta: it provides a high protein and fiber content, and a low carbohydrate intake.
Cook in salty water. Cooking time: 7-9 min.
Bio4Sport™ 67% (spelt flour, soy protein concentrate, FOS - fructooligosaccharides from chicory), durum wheat flour. Product made with cereal containing gluten and soy.
SportPasta does not have any particular instructions for use.

07/04/2017 - Cesare Giampieri


Mi alleno ogni pomeriggio e SportPasta è diventata un'abitudine per la cena di tutta la mia famiglia.
Un pasto semplice e completo, ottimo non solo per lo sportivo!

11/11/2015 - Valeria Vignali


Questa pasta è perfetta per fare un pasto bilanciato e sano, la mangio di solito dopo gli allenamenti serali per assumere proteine senza appesantirmi. Ha un buon sapore e sazia di più rispetto alla pasta normale. 

25/06/2015 - Manuele Rossignoli


La mangio quasi ogni giorno. Buonissima!

27/04/2015 - Enrico Balistreri


molto buona, un prodotto per fare un pasto completo ricco di proteine.

21/03/2015 - Jasmin Corelli


E’ diventata il mio pasto pre-gara preferito!


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