Cholesterol and eggs: new guidelines

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2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans claim that dietary cholesterol is not to be considered as risk factor. These new indications do not refer to LDL cholesterol (the so called “bad cholesterol”), which is still considered a serious threat to cardiovascular health, but they highlight the influence of dietary factors on the increase of LDL cholesterol, which is mainly determined by genetic factors. According to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DAGC), only the 20% of cholesterol is linked to dietary factors. This change is an important step forward in the scientific view of dietary cholesterol, which had always been limited by several nutritional guidelines in the past. Now, according to these new guidelines, the consumption of eggs, even for people with high cholesterol levels, is not considered risky anymore. On the contrary, the most recent studies show that eggs contain about 185 mg of cholesterol and they are high in Vitamin D and protein (about 7 g in total of which 5 g in egg white), while fats are mainly mono and poly-unsaturated, therefore not dangerous for health. 

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion – Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015
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