Fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of ictus

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A new meta-analysis on nutrition and ictus showed that consuming fruits and vegetables is inversely associated with the risk of ictus.
In particular, according to the researchers of Qingdao Municipal Hospital in China, every 200 g of fruits consumed daily, the risk of ictus reduces by 32% and by 11% every 200 g of vegetables.
The meta-analysis took into consideration 20 studies published over 19 years on the main medical journals and 16,981 cases of ictus were analyzed.
Data show how a diet high in fruits and vegetables can decrease the risk of cerebrovascular events reducing blood pressure, improving micro vessel circulation and reducing body mass index, cholesterol levels and oxidative stress. This is because fruits and vegetables supply micro and macronutrients without adding calories.
Researchers claimed that this study confirm the positive effects of consuming fruits and vegetables on health and that this kind of nutrition, together with an improved lifestyle is fundamental to reduce the risk of ictus.

Source: Doctor33
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