I follow a correct balanced diet. Do I really need to take on sports nutrition?

It is extremely important for those who play sports to follow a balanced, healthy, varied diet. If you know how to eat properly, sports nutrition is not necessary; however, some specific food supplements may be very useful, convenient and sometimes essential. People who train very hard burn a lot of energy, lose a lot of macro and micronutrients and produce a great amount of free radicals from oxidative stress. It is quite difficult to face this situation with common foods, because it would be necessary to have a deep knowledge of the nutritional value of foods and, in some cases, it might be necessary to consume a large amount of some foods in order to get the right intake of some specific nutrients. Food supplements are specifically designed to supply certain substances and enable you to get exactly what you need. Moreover, especially during training and competitions, if you consume common foods you will also take on other substances, which your body will have to metabolize and dispose of, thus doing an extra work. Lastly, the nutrients found in common foods are often in a form, which does not make them easy to consume, digest and absorb. Food supplements are not substitutes of a varied, healthy diet and they must be chosen wisely, only when really needed.
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