Is sports nutrition suitable also for non-professional athletes?

Sports nutrition is not just for elite athletes, it is a science that can be applied to all athletes, regardless of their level. This is because the bodies of professional and non-professional athletes function in the same way: both burn energy to perform and need to replenish energy stores. The only difference is that for professional athletes, these mechanisms are extremely refined. There are no strict, specific nutrition plans valid to everybody, since everybody is unique, however here are some useful guidelines:
•    During sports activities < 90 min. there is no depletion of carbohydrate energy stores derived from foods. However, the body needs to be hydrated and it is necessary to take on electrolytes (Na, Ca, K e Mg) during and after exercise. In this case, sports drink containing electrolytes may be more effective than water. 
•    During sports activities 90 > 120 min. there is an initial depletion of carbohydrate energy, that may result in some dips in performance and energy levels. If carbohydrate energy stores continue to decrease, the body will start using fat energy store. In these cases, the body needs hydration and energy supply. If you take on carbohydrates at the beginning or at half of the session, the body should be able to rely on these energy sources without having to use fat store, thus avoiding a dip in performance. Moreover, consuming carbohydrates during your activity enables a better recovery. 
•    During sports activities > 120 min. it is necessary to pay particular attention to hydration and energy levels throughout the session. Energy supplements can be done with solid, semi-solid, semi-liquid foods (energy gels) and liquid energy drinks. Since everybody has unique features, it is fundamental to try all the different types of energy supplements to find out how to maintain optimal hydration and energy levels. 
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