What is the difference between mineral water and hydrosaline products for athletes?

Mineral waters with a high mineral content a have a fixed residue of about 1.5 g/lt of mineral salts. A bottle of this kind of water can supply about 0.75 g of mineral salts in total, but mostly calcium carbonate. A good hydrosaline, hypotonic, carbohydrate supplement provides at least 2 g of mineral salts/bottle. Another advantage of such products is that they provide a selection of mineral salts (only those useful for sports activity), such as potassium, magnesium, sodium etc. together with carbohydrates, which are excellent energy sources during competitions. Even if for short-duration, moderate intensity exercise a good mineral water can be enough, for long and intense sports activities the advantages of a good hydrosaline, carbohydrate supplement are evident.
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