What should I have for my pre-race breakfast?

The nutritional needs of athletes, therefore also the kind of breakfast they should have, depend on several factors, not least the type of sport they play.
However, it is not advisable to dramatically change your nutritional habits just for the race day. A lot of endurance athletes (marathon, cycling etc.) on the race day usually eat three times (if not four times) more than what they normally have for breakfast: this could be very stressful for the body, which is used to other kinds (and quantity) of foods.
Here are two useful tips for a good pre-race breakfast:
- respect the correct timing: the most important thing about pre-race breakfast is timing. You should avoid eating too much too close to the start of the race, when your stomach should be already empty. Usually, you should have breakfast not less than 1 hour and 30 minutes before the competition starts; 
- have a balanced and already tried meal: a good pre-race breakfast should include carbohydrates, proteins, fats and a good amount of dietary fibers.  There are various options for a balanced breakfast, from milk/yogurt with cereals and a fruit, to a cup of tea with biscuits and a fruit juice, or to some whole wheat bread with cold cuts. Whatever you choose to have for your pre-race breakfast, you should try these foods in advance to prevent digestive problems.
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