SPORT COFFEE - 32 pcs box 4
Energized coffee for athletes
32 STICK PACK, 25 ml each
Energized coffee with sequential carbohydrates, boosted with caffeine. (85mg dose)

- Your full of energy coffee
- High content of caffeine
- With sequential carbohydrates
- No preservatives
Recommended for
- To people who require immediate energy, also during intense sport sessions.
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€ 48,00

Coffee represents a pleasure of the palate, a sweet habit for a break, but also a classic drink used when the body needs an additional incentive. Traditional coffee, sweetened with sugar, creates a quick energy response, but also high glycemic index and rapid consumption. Sport Coffee combines best coffee tradition and experience gained being beside athletes and their needs for a lot of years. We used our knowledge of the most effective energy base to sweeten a concentrated coffee. The result is a powerful coffee, with high content of caffeine and carbohydrates-based able to compete with the best energy gel. This is the real news: we made a good coffee and boosted it with sequential carbohydrates and caffeine. The result is a special product for people who play sports: coffee taste with the energy of 4 different carbohydrates.


Sport Coffee contains a selected mix of coffee and it’s energized with carbohydrates with different assimilation speeds. The simultaneous presence of fast carbohydrates (fructose and dextrose) and slow carbohydrates (maltodextrin and isomaltulose) gives to the product availability to be consumed during intense physical activities and/or long duration. The product mixes coffee pleasure with the energy of a high quality energy supplement.
Instructions for use
From 1 to 2 pack per day during sport activities or as needed
Water, maltodextrin, fructose, dextrose, isomaltulose, lyophilized coffee (3%), acidifying agent: citric acid, caffeine, natural flavouring: coffee.
Nutritional Information
Per 100 mlPer 1 sachet 25 ml
Typical values
of which saturates
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
of which sugars
75 g
25 g
18,7 g
6,3 g
Protein0 g0 g
Salt (Na x 2.5)21 mg 5,3 mg 
Caffeine340 mg85 mg

26/05/2017 - Lorenza Menapace


L'ho provato la prima volta durante una sessione di allenamento in mtb di 7 ore con 3500 metri di dislivello. Ho scelto di usarlo nell'ultima salita, la piu lunga e soleggiata.
A parte il gradevolissimo sapore ed una consistenza che non impasta la bocca, dopo circa 10 min ne ho sentito l'effetto.
E' perfetto nel finale di gara per una sferzata di energia pura.
Mi piace molto!

12/05/2017 - Marcello Monaco


E' incredibile quanto è buono oltre che efficace.
Quando l'allenamneto è davvero lungo, mi toglie la voglia del caffè. Top!

07/05/2017 - Damiano Castiello


Che sorpresa! Per un ciclista come me il caffè è d'obbligo ma bevuto così...è il top.
Buono ed efficace. Imperdibile!

27/04/2017 - Mariano Langella


Amo il caffè, e appena ho saputo di questa novità ho voluto provarla subito.
Anche questa volta EthicSport ha fatto centro!


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