What is the difference between Extra Shot and Energia Rapida + used in cycling, especially during Gran Fondos?

Energia Rapida + and Extra Shot are very different one from the other. 
Energia Rapida +  is an hypertonic energy supplement with time-release carbs, alanine, electrolytes, taurine and ginseng. It has been developed to be used as needed during races or trainng sessions, in order to rapidly replenish energy stores. It is aimed at people who want to quickly replenish energies lost during exercise and it should be taken at the first signs of  a hypoglicemic dip. 

ExtraShot is a product with a rapid tonic and energizing effect. It contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue but is calorie-free, therefore it has a "stimulating" effect thanks to the high content of caffeine. This product should be used to improve focus before and during the race.
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