MINI ENERGY Figs and Dates - 49 pcs box 5
Fruit-based mini energy bar suitable for athletes
49 bars, 20 g each
Dried fruit based energy bar. Provides a quick and long-lasting energy supply. Excellent taste, easy to chew and digest. MINI ENERGY is a completeley GLUTEN FREE product line. FLAVOUR: Figs and Dates. 
PACKAGE: 49 bars, 20 g/each
Recommended for
- Energy supply for all occasions
- Quick energy food during sport
- Suitable also for very young people
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These mini fruit bars are delicious and effective. They are very easy to chew and quickly provide a lot of energy.
CHIARA TEOCCHI - Mtb e CicloCross
MINI ENERGY FIGS and DATES is an energy bar completely made of dehydrated fruits, and is excellent to provide a quick and long-lasting energy supply before and during training. MINI ENERGY FIGS and DATES has a great taste, is easy to chew and maintains its features unaltered even in critical situations. MINI ENERGY FIGS and DATES’ small dimensions and perfect digestibility are two fundamental features of this product. MINI ENERGY is a completely GLUTEN FREE product line.
Instructions for use
Take it about 60 minutes before starting an intense activity, preferably with a little water.
Long races: take it every hour with a little water.
Medium races: take it before getting halfway through the race, with a little water.
Fig paste (Ficus carica) (46.5%), Date paste (Phoenix dactylifera) (46.5%), Sunflower oil, Citric acid (acidity regulator). It may contain traces of milk derivatives, eggs, soy, milk, nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds, sulphites.
Store in a cool dry place, away from heat sources. The expiry date applies to the product in its intact container when stored as directed.

08/10/2015 - Filippo Fiumi


Buonissima e facile da masticare

22/09/2015 - Alessandro Ciacci



05/09/2015 - Maria Vittoria B.


Una barrettina di frutta molto buona, senza tanti ingredienti "strani".

05/08/2015 - Paolo Musumeci


Un formato perfetto per gli allenamenti più brevi

17/07/2015 - Paolo Ferrini


Sono celiaco, finalmente una barretta della ethic anche per me!


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